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Hurley, Joleen » Hurley's 7th Grade Science Class

Hurley's 7th Grade Science Class

I'm Mrs. Hurley the 7th grade Science Teacher.
I would like to give you some background information on me. This way you will understand why I want to make this class exciting, fun and show the students that science is used in the "real world."
I have always enjoyed Science.  I worked 8 years as a Veterinarian Technician, 2 years in Genetic Research and several years as a Poultry production Manager.
I have two children in college/Tech school so that helps me keep up with the types of study skills that are needed for your student to do well  this year and in the coming years with any subject they may take.
 Below is the contact information you will need if you want to get in touch with me:
School Phone: 512-237-2407
My conference period is 3rd pd- 10:01-10:54.
The chart below contains all the subjects we will be covering this year :
There will be a lot of lab work/hands on/ group work/ projects in my classes.
The first two weeks the students will be involved in lab safety, understanding the Scientific Method, and data collection.  
Here is a website that is interactive that your child can practice on at home:
I'm looking forward to a productive year with your children.  If you have any ideas of projects that cover the subject areas listed above, please do not hesitate to email me your ideas.  Science isn't stagnant, it's always changing so if you see something interesting let me know or have your child bring in the information.  
We will start current articles about science after the labor day break.  I want the students to be up on as much new information as they can be.  This helps improve communication and conversation skills.
I also have daily writing assignments for the students to improve communication, thinking and reasoning skills.  
With your help and your great kids, we will have an interesting and exciting year!!
Mrs. Hurley