All Region Band

CONGRATULATIONS to these students for making the All Region Band!!  
They will participate with in a clinic and concert next weekend at the Bastrop PAC.

Flute (Z1) - 2L

Amy Frushay 1 Symphonic Band
Flute (Z1) - 1O Katelyn Curry-Russell 2 Symphonic Band  
Flute (Z1) - 2D Laney Summarell 5 Symphonic Band  
Flute (Z1) - 1E Devany Flores 8 Symphonic Band  
Flute (Z1) - 2N Lacy Copeland 25 Concert Band  
Bb Clarinet (Z1) - 4N Carina Berryann 14 Symphonic Band  
Bb Clarinet (Z1) - 3M Joanna Ngim 18 Concert Band  
Bb Clarinet (Z1) - 3R Arabella Gutierrez 24 Concert Band  
Bb Clarinet (Z1) - 4O Trinity Campion 33 Alternate  
Bass Clarinet (Z1) - 1K Annabella Bryan 5 Concert Band  
Baritone Saxophone (Z1) - 1G Bishop Allison 2 Symphonic Band  
Cornet/Trumpet (Z1) - 3Y Cody Kennon 7 Symphonic Band  
Cornet/Trumpet (Z1) - 2X Nathan Ervin 13 Symphonic Band  
Cornet/Trumpet (Z1) - 2Q Daisy Leza 19 Concert Band  
Cornet/Trumpet (Z1) - 2V Brianna Knight 22 Concert Band  
Cornet/Trumpet (Z1) - 4L Emma Burch 26 Concert Band  
F Horn (Z1) - 2N Grace Hamilton 4 Symphonic Band  
F Horn (Z1) - 2U Pedro Duran Jr. 5 Symphonic Band  
Tenor Trombone (Z1) - 1Q Antonio Blasco 10 Symphonic Band  
Tenor Trombone (Z1) - 3C Claire Layfield 23 Alternate