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Welcome to SCIENCE!!!!!!!! Junior High is a great time to dive into all of our main topics: lab safety, atoms, periodic table, chemistry, Newton's laws, Tectonic Plate Theory, Earth and Space, Weather and Climate, and Ecosystems.
GET READY FOR THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR!!!  Attached you will find the 2016-2017 syllabus and a schedule of what we will cover throughout the year.  Please subscribe to the science webpage to receive updates regarding this class.  I will also use the remind101 app on a daily basis to remind students about upcoming assignments, tests, and notifications to parents.  Click on Remind 101 for instructions or the link I have also attached an opportunity for your child to receive their first coupon (bonus points).  
Two test grades and a minimum of six daily work grades will be recorded in the grade book each six weeks.  Since labs are group work and usually require maximum teacher guidance, labs will not be allowed to be redone.  Retests will be given a 5 day window, which the dates will be communicated to the students.  One extra credit opportunity is available per six weeks, students must take the initiative to ask for the extra credit.  

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Today, 1/14/16, we had Zack Shields from Good Day Austin come to visit our 7th period class.  Zack is a meteorologist on the morning segment of Good Day Austin.  He spoke with our students today about high and low pressure systems, cold and warm fronts, tornadoes, hurricanes, El Nino, and his job duties as a meteorologist.  

8th Grade Science STAAR REVIEW

Please have your child read through the four reporting categories for a great STAAR Review!!!  

Conference: 3rd period
10:01-10:55 AM
Contact information:
(512) 237-2407 x 5060

Class Schedule

7:55    8:00    1st Bell

8:00    9:00     1st Period/Announcements

9:04    9:57     2nd Period

10:01  10:54   3rd Period

10:58  11:51    4th Period

11:55  12:23                                     A Lunch/Tutorials

12:27  12:55                                     B Lunch/ Tutorials

12:59    1:52      6th Period

1:56    2:49      7th Period

2:53    3:45      8th Period