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Cookin' Up Some Camaderie

This year’s Smithville Junior High staff chili cook-off produced some of the best chili Smithville has ever tasted!
The annual event was started by Junior High Principal Dr. Logan three years ago as a fun way to build staff relationships. “It gives the staff the opportunity to interact in a friendly competition while building morale at the same time,” Logan said .
    picture of chili cooking contest winner picture of chili cooking contest 2nd place
Staff members form teams and give creative names to their concoctions which are then judge by a group of impartial dignitaries from the Child Nutrition Department and the Central Administration Office. This year’s winner, called “Pop’s Chili”, was a big favorite of both the judges and the staff alike.
With a side of cornbread and a tall glass of sweet tea the staff enjoyed with their lunch as they sampled the eight different homemade chili submitted to the competition. Most agreed that although the food was good, the opportunity to chat with their colleagues and enjoy some social time was even better!
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